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Fall/Winter 2017


According to European test standards the manufacturer claims to its efficiency is 90.6% with moisture recovery at a rate of 20 to 30%.

Built Environment together with Lunos offers alternative to conventional HRV systems;


Introducing Lunos e2, a ductless, high efficiency, decentralized ventilation devices.


Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) are an essential component of any air-sealed high performance home, bringing in fresh air and removing moisture. An HRV uses the heat in stale exhaust air to warm incoming fresh air. Until now, this has meant a centralized heat transfer core and a network of ducts feeding and drawing air throughout the home.


The LUNOS e² through-wall heat recovery ventilation, allows for very high efficiency heat recovery efficiency, while keeping installation cost to a minimum. The unit is a through wall fan, with a ceramic regenerative heat exchanger behind it. Operating and wired in pairs, these fans provide continuous ventilation without the need for duct-work and are installed directly through the exterior wall.


The fan’s regenerative core is charged by the oscillation of fan direction. During each cycle, fans take turns exhausting indoor air, which charges the regenerative core. Air flow then reverses and incoming air absorbs the stored heat at 90% tested efficiency.


For more information, to speak to a Lunos Canada representative or to purchase any of our Lunos HRV units please visit us at www.lunoscanada.com

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